Will copper turn my skin colors?

Short answer, no. Copper can tarnish and this oxidation can rub off onto your skin. Your skin is not changing colors, the oxidation can be washed right off. I find this happens to me when it's especially hot and humid outside.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Check out my tips on caring for your jewelry here. The best way to clean your copper jewelry is with a jewelry polishing cloth. Blue Patina designed should not be cleaned with a polishing cloth or any chemicals due to the sealer used on these pieces.

Do you hand make all of the jewelry?

Yes! I fabricate the jewelry using various techniques including piercing, texturing, soldering, and more. To keep the costs reasonable and save time I focus on the main elements of the design...I purchase high quality components such as chains and ear wires to finish off the pieces.

Did you go to school for jewelry making?

Why yes I did! I took my first metalsmithing course at the Baum School of Art and then studied metalsmithing in the studio art program at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. I also continue to learn new techniques from colleagues, workshops and courses.


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