How to care for your jewelry...

Many Sincerely Sarah Jewelry designs are made from copper and use various mixed metals in the designs. One of my most frequently asked questions is how to clean copper jewelry. Well, here's your answer!

First, when you're not wearing your jewelry you should store it in a sealed container like a bag or jewelry box. Do not store your jewelry in a humid area. This will keep your jewelry looking sharp and reduce the need to clean it.

Cleaning Your Copper Jewelry

It's very simple to keep your copper jewelry looking spectacular! Copper will darken over time. If your jewelry sits in the open air this will happen quicker. But, it's easy to bring back that original shine to the copper surface by using a jewelry polishing cloth (I use Sunshine cloths).

I don't recommend using liquid jewelry cleaners as this could remove the patina that is prevalent in my designs.

The sterling silver ear wires, copper/bronze chains, and various metal accents can all be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth as well.

Cleaning Your Blue Patina Copper Jewelry

I love the eye catching blue of this jewelry collection! Any surface with the blue patina is sealed with an exterior rated clear coat to protect the patina. Any mixed metals on the design, ear wires and chain can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. Using any kind of chemical cleaner could remove the clear coat making the blue patina susceptible to changing colors or rubbing off.