Leland Blue Copper Flower Setting Pendant


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Product Description

This is a unique piece of jewelry in many ways. The calming blue colors are surrounded by a hand formed copper setting accented by a copper flower and flower bud. This pendant is sold with the polished copper chain seen here.

The stunning blue stone is Leland Blue which has a unique history. This is a not a natural gemstone, but rather an industrial by-product of iron pre smelting. The slag was waste dumped into the Great Lakes when the industry began to collapse. You can now find Leland Blues amongst other interesting stones along the shores of Michigan.

This treasure was polished into a cabochon and I have created a miniature piece of art that you can wear. This piece tells the story about how nature overcomes by contrasting natural elements against what once was manmade waste polluting the the Great Lakes.

This pendant is one-of-a-kind! Measuring approximately 2 inches tall. The copper chain is 18 inches long with a copper lobster clasp.

Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Sarah, the artist, and I'm so happy you found my website and I hope you're enjoying my designs as much as I love creating them! Every piece is handcrafted in my home studio using the skills I've picked up through my metalsmithing education and from experimenting with new techniques over the last decade. My work is inspired by the world around me. I often escape to the outdoors for clarity and inspiration taking photos of the captivating elements of nature I stumble across.

Beauty is in the details!