Copper Leaf Cuff


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Due to the handmade nature of Sincerely Sarah Jewelry no two items are exactly the same. Your item may vary slightly from the pictured product but will be the same style, material, size and quality! This gives each piece their own handcrafted character.

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Product Description

Step into a realm where nature’s elegance intertwines with artisanal craftsmanship. My handmade Copper Leaf Cuff Bracelet is my interpretation of leaves flowing in the wind and elegantly wrapping around your wrist.

Crafted with passion these delicate copper leaves, are hand-formed and the wire subtly twist around adding depth and dimension to the design. These twists create a sense of movement and fluidity, enhancing the organic charm of the piece.

To accentuate the natural beauty of the leaves, each cuff is treated with a dark patina, adding depth and richness to the copper and highlighting the details of the design. The contrast between the darkened leaves and the warm glow of the copper creates a captivating visual effect, drawing the eye and adding a touch of drama to your ensemble.

Due to the handmade nature of the design, each cuff is slightly different from the next, no two are exactly alike. From subtle variations in the shape of the leaves to differences in the twists of the wire, each cuff carries its own distinct character, a testament to my personal craftsmanship.

So why wait? Embrace the beauty of the natural world and elevate your style with our Handmade Copper Leaf Cuff Bracelet. With its timeless elegance and unique charm, it’s sure to become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection. Indulge in the magic of botanical-inspired design and let your inner beauty shine.

Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Sarah, the artist, and I'm so happy you found my website and I hope you're enjoying my designs as much as I love creating them! Every piece is handcrafted in my home studio using the skills I've picked up through my metalsmithing education and from experimenting with new techniques over the last decade. My work is inspired by the world around me. I often escape to the outdoors for clarity and inspiration taking photos of the captivating elements of nature I stumble across.

Beauty is in the details!